Natalie Dormer for Face Up 

'Face Up' is part of the charity's global Because I Am A Girl campaign, which aims to champion girls' rights across the world. Through it, Plan hopes to ensure that all girls can live safe from violence, gain an education, marry who they wish and have their voices heard. The primary focus of the campaign is to end Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and prevent child marriage in a generation. Currently, more than 3.5 million girls are at risk from FGM across the globe, and a young girl is forced into marriage every two seconds. (x)  

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I just gotta do something. 

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American Horror Story: Freak Show

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Saoirse Ronan photographed for Wonderland Magazine, 2014

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- Who the hell are you?

- I am every little girl you ever watched, touched, hurt, screwed, killed.

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she’s so touched for a moment

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*boss ass bitch plays in the distance*

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Olivia Dunham, her alternative self and their relationship through time

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cosassima-foureyeshaus: OBTumblr...what do you do to make the hiatus more bearable?


OBTumblr’s Guide to Barely Surviving the OB Hiatus

Rewatch all of Orphan Black.


Visit OBTumblr dailyhourly… as much as possible while also maintaining a healthy, active, and balanced lifestyle.


Snack like Helena.


Science like Cosima.


Try to do that cool side braid that just never ends up looking quite as cool as Sarah’s cool side braid, but whatever.


Rewatch all of Orphan Black. Again.


Prepare for the next #AskOB.


Get a puppy.


Throw office furniture.*


Rewatch all of Orphan Black. Again.


*Don’t actually throw office furniture, unless you’re the boss at your office, in which case, throw whatever you want, you’re the boss.

Special thanks to cosassima-foureyeshaus for asking the tough questions and inspiring this survival guide.

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Title: Fix You (vocal only)
Artist: Coldplay
Album: Vocals Only
Plays: 264369

Orphan Black + YouTube (insp.*)

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