make me choose | alex/meredith or robb/jon
"I dunno… its just… Meredith always makes me think screwed up people have a chance"

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I a m s o i n l o v e w i t h y o u

                 and I will spend the rest of my life telling you that.

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He had burned Ygritte himself, as he knew she would have wanted

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Helena + hugs 

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Fictional deaths I’ll never be over

Tricia Miller

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Merlin/Arthur + little touches

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Lexie Grey - Eating [Requested by imbornbackwards]

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Tatiana Maslany on Kathryn Alexandre
"There were times on set where I was so tired and I just didn’t know how I was going to get through the day, how I was going to remember my lines, how I was going to even just be there and she would show up and give me everything and it was like I just fell in love with her. She just was so there for me and so giving of all of her energy and all of her work. That’s the ultimate generosity as an actor.

orphanblack’s Tatiana Maslany giving well-deserved props to her acting double, Kathryn Alexandre.

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Delphine Cormier + that thing she does with her eyes

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sophie turner for asos

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